Racer Registration

Racer Info 

Online racer registration is open!

Racer Registration, Number Pick-up, and Bibs

  • Online registration via BikeReg closes Wednesday, July 31 at 11:59 p.m. Full refunds are available prior to online registration close.
  • Advanced number pickup is available and encouraged at the Friday Night Welcome Party (see below).
  • Onsite/in-person registration will be available at the Friday night event (see above) and race day, starting at 12:30 p.m. and closing 60 minutes before your races start time. Onsite/in person registration is $10 more than online.
  • Race day number pickup on Prince Street at Main Street (see Course Map).
  • Number pick-up closes 40 minutes before each race.
  • When registering, team mmbers must use the same exact team name for every member registering.


  • Pin both numbers on sideways facing out, left and right side.
  • For amateur racers, one of your bib numbers may be in orange or green. This is done, along with its being in a separate number sequence, in order to facilitate identifying racers in your same category during the race. Place your colored bib number on the left side.
  • Do not crumple number.

Friday Night Welcome Party

  • Come one, come all to the Welcome Party Friday night from 6-8 p.m. at Audi Denver! Tickets will be available here, and via registered racer email updates. The free ticket is not required to attend but appreciated.
  • Optional advanced race number pickup will be available. Pro team captains can pick up numbers for their team with a copy of each racer’s USAC Race License.
  • Enjoy live music, a pasta dinner, beverages (including adult versions) all free of charge!
  • Special guest and a Watt Bike competition for calls-ups, to be announced soon.
  • Pro teams racing the series are highly encouraged to attend for sponsors and possible media interviews.

Pro Team Housing

  • UCI teams and Domestic Elite Teams can take advantage of a special discounted room rate at the Hyatt Place Denver Tech Center Hotel, for only $129 per night. Includes free breakfast.
  • We only have a limited supply of these rooms which are on a first come, first served basis, and must be booked prior to July 5, 2024.
  • Reserve your rooms using this hotel link, by contacting the hotel’s central reservations department at 1-888-591-1234, or by calling the hotel at 303-804-0700. Attendees should identify themselves by the Group code G-TWIL and / or the Littleton Twilight Criterium to receive the group room rate.
  • For teams able and wanting to stay a week or longer, consider booking rooms at the new extended-stay WoodSpring Suites a mere two blocks from the course. If you reserve soon, the rate per night is only $68 per night (as of March 2024).
  • We will do our best to offer host housing to travelling Pro Teams. If you are a Pro Team seeking Host Housing, please complete this form. All requests must be received by July 1, 2024. If you are willing to host racers from a pro team, read about Hosting a Visiting Racer [PDF] for more information.

Volunteering and Host Housing

  • Volunteers race for free but must register to volunteer before registering to race.
  • Please consider offering your home to members of a pro team. Many cannot attend our race if they can’t secure host housing. As anyone who has done this before will tell you, it is a very rewarding experience for both racers and host, and usually results in long term friendships. And of course, hosts race for free! Hosts must sign up by July 1. For more information on being a host, read Host a Visiting Racer [PDF].


  • If coming from a distance, visit the RTD trip planner to plan the best course to get to the event.
  • The Downtown Littleton Light Rail station is one block from course (see Course Map).
  • There is a light rail stop one mile from the Hyatt Place Denver Tech Center.

Racer Parking

  • Parking at Arapahoe Community College Lots A and B off Church Avenue between S. Sumner Street and S. Nevada Street; and at the Littleton Center at W. Berry Avenue and Rio Grande Street. No vehicle traffic is allowed inside the race course.
  • Pro Paddock parking inside the course can be accessed from S. Nevada Street at W. Powers Avenue (see Course Map).  Access will not be possible after the racing starts so please arrive prior to 2:00 p.m.

Warm Ups

  • Amateur warm-up area is on S. Nevada Street, just south of Main Street (see Course Map).
  • Pro team warmup (Team Paddock) is on S. Nevada just north of Main Street (see Course Map).
  • Porta-lets are located near Racer Registration; near the amateur warm-up area; in the alley just east of Pro warmup area; and at Bega Park (see Course Map).

Start / Finish

  • Start / Finish line at on Main Street at Prince Street, but there will be NO RACER COURSE ENTRY AT THIS LOCATION.
  • Enter course (staging) from Nevada Street ONLY, south side of Main Street, one block before Start / Finish (see black star icon on Course Map). Call-ups will be notified and enter on the north side.
  • Report to staging at least 3 minutes prior to race start.
  • Pre-riding the course is allowed when indicated by course marshal (after announcement); enter on Nevada Street. Unforeseen schedule delays may prohibit pre-rides.


Prizes and Podiums

  • Enjoy the “beer podium” sponsored by Fat Tire. Winners will receive a Fat Tire beer and are welcome to “shake it up” like a champaign podium, but please do not spray unsuspecting spectators.
  • Podiums will be on the stage at the Start / Finish (see Course Map). Top three racers must be at this area as quickly as possible after their race and enter from the rear of the stage.
  • Podiums for both the women’s and the men’s pro races will be held after the men’s race.
  • All cash prizes will be mailed about two weeks after the race.
  • Prize amounts are detailed on the Prizes and Primes page.

Race Notes

  • Combined amateur race categories race together but are scored separately. Note that bib number colors and number sequence correlate to your category.
  • Neutral support (“pit”) is on course, just after the last corner (6), with medical just past it on S. Nevada Street (see Course Map).
  • Neutral support by ROL wheels will have a very limited supply of wheels. Though not required, if possible, please bring your spare wheels to neutral support before your race (wheels in, wheels out).
  • For safety reasons we may aggressively pull dropped riders. However, if you are pulled, it DOES NOT count as a DNF. That only happens if you quit or cannot continue racing.
  • If you are pulled, the best place to exit the course is W. Powers Avenue at S. Sycamore Street, one block past corner #1 on the inside of the course.
  • LAST LAP FOR EVERYONE: If you are in a combined race (where two or more race fields are racing together but are scored separately) please note that the last lap applies to all racers on course regardless of whether you have been lapped. When / if the leaders in the fastest group pass on their last lap, it is now your last lap. Check the lap counter each pass and when it says 1 lap to go, be on the lookout for this lead group. If you are passed on the finishing straight, best to start sprinting as soon as they pass! The judges will know how many laps you’ve done and will adjust the results accordingly.
  • SPECIAL NOTE FOR WOMENS P-1-2 RACE: This race starts near dusk (7:45 p.m.) and ends in complete darkness. Mobile lights around the course will be turned on before the start of this race; however, lighting for most of the course is supplied by streetlights which can only be turned on by their light sensors. Don’t worry — they will come on and the course will be adequately lighted throughout the race. Clear or transition lenses are recommended.
  •  Live Results will be available and accessible via the QR code on your “Special Notice” that will be attached to your bib number.
  • The pro races will be livestreamed and available on the ACC YouTube channel. Some amateur races will likely also be broadcast and if so will be available on Littleton’s YouTube channel. Please check back for details.
  • DBC Events, the folks that put on Colorado’s largest road race, the Boulder Roubaix, is organizing a race in Boulder on the Sunday after Littleton’s race. It will be added to the Bicycle Colorado calendar once it is finalized. Littleton Twilight Criterium racers will receive a discount code to the Boulder race upon completing your registration.